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"I am a REAL PHOTOGRAPHER and my passion is PHOTOGRAPHY. I am also an artist, author, film maker, and publisher."

The reason for emphasizing REAL is because with the advent of digital camera technology today, the photography industry is invaded by thousands of newcomers trying to earn extra income. Look around the city and state ­ hundreds are TRYING TO BE A PHOTOGRAPHER - carpenters, delivery men, truck drivers, bankers, insurance men, teachers, policemen, and many others have jumped into this area. Nothing is wrong with that, but instinct will tell you that it takes more than just a smart camera to deliver consistent, reliable and creative photography services provided by licensed professionals. Event planners and consultants who have witnessed some of their clients horror events will advise that a public event should be PHOTOGRAPHED by EXPERIENCED PROFESSIONALS; or in their words, "someone who knows what they are doing." Many newcomers are also operating illegally and not paying taxes. Also keep in mind there are professional photographers who ARE NOT WEDDING or EVENT PHOTOGRAPHERS. For example, recently, I was hired to video a wedding and had a chance to observe another photographer at work at the same event. Although he was an excellent STUDIO photographer, it took him more than 2 hours to do the after-ceremony photos. As an experienced event photographer, I do the after-ceremony posed photos in around 15 minutes or less.

Of course, almost everyone has heard "Uncle Charlie" stories about well-meaning relatives who volunteer to photograph events without charge to gain on-the-job-training. And when the pictures are received by the client, professional photographers like myself receive requests wanting us to rescue their images. Part time inexperienced photo hobbiest consistently deliver poorly exposed, washed-out, and out of focus pictures. They have them developed at a photo lab which produces pictures that have a lifespan of about 5 years. Their pictures are often too dark, too light, off color and almost always improperly posed. Following an event, REAL Professional photographers also edit their clients images which is something seldom done by amateurs.

Thanks for reading my INFO page. For a lifetime now, my hobby and profession has been this magical endeavor that allows me to freeze moments in time for celebration and your personal history. I create lifelong memories of those special and unforgettable moments. When planing a special social event; one that magnifies your reputation, You will probably seeking a REAL Professional Photographer. My services and reputation are open for your evaluation and I pledge quality service and commitment to excellence in the performance of my work."

- Cecil Williams

Over the years, Williams has freelanced for NEW YORK TIMES, JET, NEWSWEEK and the Associated Press. Williams is a published author of four nationally acclaimed books. He is a member of Professional Photographers of America. Photography and Video options from $1500 to $9000 can be easily customized to suit every personal taste and budget. Events can also be handled on an hourly basis of $150 and above.

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Hire a REAL WORLD CLASS PHOTOGRAPHER to do your next event! Anyone can "take" a picture but your Sixth Sense reminds you to hire a professional to do an important event like a wedding or anniversary. CECIL WILLIAMS PHOTOGRAPHY will capture your special moments in their trademark journalistic style with just the right blend of professionalism and artistry.