Cecil Williams Photography/Publishing – Over 100 Book Titles




"The art showcased in the following pages demonstrates the joy and passion the contributors to this book feel for Painter, as well as their mastery of this powerful tool. You’ll notice that there is no ‘Painter look.’ Painter empowers every artist to express themselves uniquely. No two artists use Painter exactly the same. As legendary computer pioneer Doug Englebart expressed the idea of networks (i.e. computers) augmenting human intelligence, one can think of Painter as augmenting human creativity. It provides us with an unparalleled ease, efficiency and richness of visual expression. Congratulations to Cecil for doing such a fabulous job producing this book! As with all his book projects, Cecil does everything first class, with style and quality. Thank you, Cecil, for bringing together this magnificent, inspiring and educational collection of Painter art."

Enjoy the book! 

 – Jeremy Sutton, Corel Master Painter



"On behalf of Corel, I do thank the entire Painter community for the contributed time and effort providing feedback on new releases and suggestions for continued improvement of the product. For aspiring new artists, I do hope the PAINTER SHOWCASE will inspire you to create your own works of art with Corel Painter. Please consider sharing your work at the or through other Corel Painter social web sites such as Facebook or Twitter."

– Andy Church

Corel Painter Product Manager